[p4] Delete integration records?

Jeff Kleppinger jkleppinger at imprivata.com
Tue Mar 25 13:20:53 PDT 2008

I have a changelist in a dev branch that was integrated into a release
branch for a hotfix - now we want to remove that change from the release
branch because the change caused problems, and we want to ship the next
release without it.  If the revisions from that changelist were still
the latest revisions on the release branch, I would have just
obliterated the release branch integration changelist, but since there
are subsequent changes to the same files on the release branch, I've
backed out the change from the release branch, following "Backing out an
old changelist" at


The problem is that the next time I do a mass-integration of the dev
branch to the release branch, that changelist will not be picked up, as
Perforce still thinks the change has been integrated already.  I want to
somehow delete the integration records for that changelist, so next time
around, Perforce flags it as needing integration.


In ClearCase terms, I simply want to "delete the merge arrows".


Is there any way to obliterate the integration records, or fake P4 into
integrating the changes again, without having to use "integ -f"?





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