[p4] Feature request: P4 job as revision range specifier

Stephen Vance steve at vance.com
Tue Mar 25 15:03:51 PDT 2008

Kevin --

Feature requests need to go to support at perforce.com. This list is only 
for user discussions. Perforce support monitors the list, but it's not 
the official conduit.

Because the relationship between changelists and jobs is many-to-many, 
in the general case there is no way to guarantee you will get what you 
want. And if there is more than one fix to a job, then a job definitely 
isn't an atomic unit of work. However, I can see the usefulness of your 


Calman, Kevin wrote:
>     If this hasn't been request in the past, I would like to request the
> following feature from Perforce: allow use of a job in a revision range. 
>     We use the P4DTI to synchronize P4 jobs to Bugzilla bugs, and then use
> those bugs as atomic units of work to drop code in to builds. It would be
> really useful to be able to sync a workspace to all the changelists in a
> particular bug (job) in a single operation.
>     Currently, we use a wrapper script to build a private label from the
> changelists in a job, and then sync that, but it is a drag.

Stephen Vance

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