[p4] How to *really* back out a revision

Nittin chawala nittinchawala at yahoo.co.in
Tue Mar 25 21:42:36 PDT 2008

One of the solution can be setting options in client spec as "modtime" instead of nomodtime ( default option is nomodtime ) and sync the old version ( which was stable ) of that file instead of head.
Roy Smith <smith_roy at emc.com> wrote:
  We've got an ugly problem caused by an accidental submit to a release 

Our patch generation process depends on file timestamps changing. 
Skipping a few details, we build the baseline, then resync to the 
head of the release branch, then rebuild. Anything that's changed, 
gets put into the patch.

Somebody accidentally submitted a new version of a commonly used 
header file to the release branch. There's lots to talk about how to 
prevent that from happening again, but that's a different story, and 
what's done is done. We can resubmit the correct version as the new 
head revision. That will result in the correct source file 
*contents* being on #head, but as far as make is concerned, when we 
rebuild, the file timestamp will have changed. That will cause a lot 
of things will get rebuilt which don't need to get rebuilt (resulting 
in a mongo patch, which we're trying to avoid).

One solution is "p4 obsolete file#head". It would certainly fix the 
problem, but I'm reluctant to use obliterate for all the commonly 
cited reasons why it's not a good idea. Other ideas we've thought of 

1) Building a complex client spec which specifically maps the 
"correct" revision of the offending file. This should work, but it 
would be a special case in our patch process, and special cases tend 
not to mix well with reproducible processes.

2) Creating a new branch starting with the correct revisions of 
everything and using that as our new release branch. Again, I think 
this works, but becomes an exception to the normal process going 

Anybody have any better ideas how to recover?

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