[p4] Scripting P4win.

Rick Macdonald rickmacd at shaw.ca
Sat Mar 29 14:58:47 PDT 2008

1. That would be me!

I had a lot of fun with, and got a lot of use out of, TkP4, but stopped 
working on it once p4v became usable, which was quite awhile ago. Tkp4 
is way behind now.

I think you're much better off with p4win/p4v custom menus, or wrapper 
scripts, but you haven't given an example of what you need done. Is it 
just something helpful but optional, or something that _must_ be done 
every time a sync or other action is done? For the latter, it seems hard 
to enforce the use of a particular client, or menu option, or wrapper 

I agree with Jeff - hopefully there's a different approach to get what 
you need. Some examples?


Jeff A. Bowles wrote:
> A few points:
>    1. Rick Macdonald gave a talk on a P4Win substitute, a few years back
>    at the Perforce User's Conference. I believe it would be worth knowing
>    about.
>    2. P4V menu items - the extensible custom menu bit - might be useful
>    to read up on.
>    3. Is this for you, or for your group? ("How far will your work be
>    distributed" is another way to ask, "how much time will you spend supporting
>    this?")
> Last, but the most important: what's this for? (There might be another
> approach that is easier or less expensive in terms of time or money.)
>   -Jeff Bowles
> On Sat, Mar 29, 2008 at 10:59 AM, Jim Tilander <jim_perforce at tilander.org>
> wrote:
>> Does anyone out there know of a way to add scripts to p4win events? I
>> want for example hook into the sync commands, so that whenever a sync
>> finishes it can trigger some external command with the appropriate
>> information. Basically what I need is some plugin architecture for
>> p4win that lets me override certain things.. I don't want to embark on
>> writing a new client :)
>> /j
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