[p4] Keeping everybody in sync with client specs?

Roy Smith smith_roy at emc.com
Sun Mar 30 13:07:01 PDT 2008

We've got a recurring problem involving keeping everybody on the same  
page with client specs.  What seems to keep happening is:

1) Development adds a new top-level directory to a project
2) The build team doesn't update their client spec and the build breaks
3) Much ranting email gets sent with both sides pointing fingers

Part of the problem is that the build team needs to pull in more  
stuff than the developers.  In addition to the code itself, they need  
build scripts, documentation, etc, so we can't both both use the same  
template.  They need to build a client spec which is a superset of  
what dev uses.

How do other people solve these sorts of problems?  We're looking for  
something which doesn't require any manual steps (or as few as  

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