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Monica Sanchez msanchez at FreedomScientific.com
Sun Mar 30 15:52:49 PDT 2008

Thanks, I'll try to explain a little better:

I have 5 depots on my database, some are big, for backup purpose I
verify each of the depots separated like:

P4 verify -q //depot1/...
P4 verify -q //depot2/...
P4 verify -q //depot3/...

This weekend I was doing some perforce maintenance and I did verify but
I used the command:

P4 verify -q //...

Well, this gave me a lot of "BAD" files. I checked the files with errors
and all of them where ktype, so I executed the command below for each
file (with version) with error.

P4 verify -v //depot1/dir1/file1.h#2

This command gave a good output 
  //depot1/dir1/file1.h #2 - edit change 37008 (ktext)
  //depot1/dir1/file1.h #1 - branch change 36957 (ktext)

I divided the work on depots, so I executed verify -v on depot1 and then
I executed the command below and I did not get any errors.

P3 verify -q //depot1/...
I did the same for the other depots and at the end I did the full all
depots verify and I got the same errors as before.

P4 verify -q //...
What is the correct way to execute verify, by database, by depot, by
dir, by file? What the command p4 verify -q //depot1/... not correct?


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Monica --

At the risk of asking a stupid question, are the errors in the specific 
directories and files that you are testing individually?

Post the commands you're running and some reasonable subset of the 
errors. If you're really getting inconsistent results, it needs to be 
reported to support.


Monica Sanchez wrote:
> Hi,
> Why the output of P4 Verify is different when I execute it using the
> entire depot, a specific directory or a specific version file as an
> input?
> If I do it on the entire database I get a lot of errors
> If I use a specific directory or filename (version) I get not errors.
> Do you know why?
> Thanks,
> Monica
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