[p4] Scripting P4win.

Jim Tilander jim_perforce at tilander.org
Mon Mar 31 16:22:53 PDT 2008

So what's it for, well. I'd like to track what each clientspec is
doing, what kind of operations they've done and basically go back in
time from the client's point of view. I guess I could do with just a
server command that would dump the whole clientspec state for me. I
basically don't want to roll out my own client, nor to "train" anyone
to do a custom sync option (that way lies endless support :)

As for p4win, the day that perforce stops distributing that piece of
software is the day I stop using perforce. It's the one redeeming UI
client, p4v is a sea of usability misunderstandings and confusion
(hey, I get confused in there, and I fancy myself somewhat familiar
with perforce, how can I expect a new user to have any chance?). I
can't make odds and ends of that thing, and it made the fatal try to
support multiple platforms within one (gui) toolkit. Cross platform
only means that it's equally crappy on each platform. No, give me a
native client, one that looks and feels like the platform I'm on.

Furthermore, it is my opinion that p4win should be officially supported.


On Sun, Mar 30, 2008 at 5:42 AM, Robert Cowham <robert at vaccaperna.co.uk> wrote:
> Short answer is no.
>  Longer answer is:
>  - p4win is officially deprecated (currently minor updates only to work with
>  new server versions) and all new work is going into p4v
>  - no event hooks currently provided, custom tools (and some flexibility on
>  context sensitive right click menus) are possible
>  So it would be possible to wrap a sync action in a custom tool, but then you
>  need to train your users to do this rather than the bare sync action.
>  Others have chimed in with some useful suggestions.
>  Robert
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>  > Does anyone out there know of a way to add scripts to p4win
>  > events? I want for example hook into the sync commands, so
>  > that whenever a sync finishes it can trigger some external
>  > command with the appropriate information. Basically what I
>  > need is some plugin architecture for p4win that lets me
>  > override certain things.. I don't want to embark on writing a
>  > new client :)

Beware of architect astronauts.

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