[p4] How do I find out opened files by other users?

Ivey, William william_ivey at bmc.com
Sun Nov 2 11:27:12 PST 2008

Do you really need to know which files are opened, or do you
just want to delete the user?

If deleting the user is your goal, and you have no reason to
want to keep any of their clients, then run this command to
list the user's clients:

p4 clients -u <userID>

Then delete each of them using

p4 client -f -d <client>

That will get rid of the opened file error and remove the
obsolete clients.

I think the admin tool in P4V will do all this for you
as part of deleting users.


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I'm currently trying to delete a user and it's telling me that the user
still have files opened on clients.  How can I find the name of those


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