[p4] FW: P4V 2007.3 cannot log in to P4AUTH slave server?

Arthur van Dongen Arthur.van.Dongen at tsolve.com
Tue Nov 4 04:07:19 PST 2008

Some time ago (28/3/2008) I wrote to this list:
Hello all,
I recently upgraded my client P4V to 2007.3/147477. Since then I can
still log in to the P4D server with the users configured, but *not* to
the P4D server which points to the first one using the P4AUTH config
option.  P4V reports "no such user", P4Win 2007.3 logs in OK. The P4V
release notes only mention fixing a bug in P4AUTH, a search in the P4D
release notes gives no results.
Both servers run on a single physical machine, version 2005.2/93627 on
Windows Server 2003, using AD integration. Behaviour stays the same
regardless whether I use a proxy. 
So, does anyone else have this problem, and which server versions are
involved? Are there workarounds available? Will upgrading the server
solve the problem?
Thanks for your help!

Arthur van Dongen
Centric TSolve

Now, in addition to upgrading the server, downgrading P4V and using
P4Win, I may have found another workaround for this problem.
I found this, because I duplicated the database (checkpointed and
restored to a new location), then changed daemon options so it listens
on a different port and uses the original as P4AUTH server. This new
server is accessible for the P4V client, and I assume this is because
the users exist in both central and slave server.
So after createing a new user on the central server, you can probably
stop both servers and copy the users.db file from central to slave

What do the gurus on this list think of it (copying a single db file)?


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