[p4] Finding unintegrated changes

Robert Cowham robert at vizim.com
Tue Nov 4 05:58:52 PST 2008

What is the output of 

	p4 interchanges R1/... R2/...
	p4 interchanges R1/... R3/...

That should give you the basic information.

Mind you, interchanges is not 100% reliable as partial integrations (e.g.
some but not all revisions in a changelist) may have been performed. For
such edge cases you need to look at the output of "integ -n".

Having said that, are your Rn branches release branches or development

Have you read the book "Practical Perforce" - some great ideas there.
Chapter 7 is available free at the o'reilly site. I think your branching
strategy could perhaps do with some tweaking.


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> Hello,
> I have a project which has 4 branches, Main, R1, R2 and R3.  
> My task is to find changes in R1 that aren't in other 
> branches.  I'm using the interchanges command but it doesn't 
> help in the below case:
> *	Cl  #1 is submitted to main and integrated to R1 ( cl #2) and R2
> ( cl #3).  I can't figure out a way to determine that cl #2 
> was submitted to R2 and not R3.  
> Our dev process is that changes are submitted to Main and 
> integrated to
> R1, R2 etc.   In light of this confusion, I'm tempted to abandon this
> method.  What submission policy do you follow if there are 
> multiple parallel development branches for a project?

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