[p4] Putting p4web behind an apache proxy

perforce-user at peterjanes.ca perforce-user at peterjanes.ca
Wed Nov 5 07:31:35 PST 2008

Stephen Nesbitt wrote:
> Has any one successfully  reverse proxied p4web behind apache. If so, would 
> you share the necessary apache directives? In this instance p4web is setup for 
> read only.

These directives work for me for simply serving files (e.g. serving 
//depot/myfile.html at <URI:http://p4web/p4/depot/myfile.html>).  If you use 
a proxied URL to get to P4Web's UI (e.g. using <URI:http://p4web/p4/depot/> 
to browse the files in //depot) you'll be moved over to the :8080 version.

ProxyPass /p4/ http://p4web:8080/
<Location /p4/>
         ProxyPassReverse /
         RequestHeader unset Accept-Encoding
ProxyPassReverseCookiePath / /p4/
ProxyPassReverseCookieDomain http://p4web:8080 /

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