[p4] Archive Repository on WIN

Todd Zarnes todd.zarnes at activant.com
Wed Nov 5 10:11:11 PST 2008

I have my repository and .db files on drive E, storing my backups on C:
as recommended from the Admin Guide.  The script runs as:

Make temp directories on C:
Pre Verify Perforce:
Stop Perforce:
Move Checkpoints to temp directories:
Move Journals to temp directories:
Move Logs to temp directories:
Tar Depots:
     [echo] Tarring Depots
      [tar] Building tar: C:\p4b\p4backups\temp-dir\depots.tar.gz

Restore Checkpoint:
Prune Old Backups:
Cleanup - delete unused temp directories:
Start Perforce:
Post Verify Perforce:


I have Cygwin running the server and use <tar
destfile="${dirBackups}/depots.tar.gz" longfile="truncate"
compression="gzip"> to Tar Depots.
	I then use Cygwin command is:  \TempDir>tar --ungzip -xvf
		Note:  You must untar into a temp directory and then
copy them into the root directory to bypass a problem with Cygwin
putting a "/" in the path.  If you use Winzip the p4 verify will fail.  

If I run the checkpoint, recover the checkpoint and run p4 verify on
production all passes.  When I untar the repository and restore the
checkpoint like to a test instance I get verify failures (MISSING!!

Two questions...anything else I should be doing in my backup processes
to ensure I can recover from a disaster and what compression utilities
are you using on WIN 2003 Servers to store and move around the

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