[p4] Putting files in a changelist by pattern?

Roy Smith smith_roy at emc.com
Sat Nov 8 08:20:04 PST 2008

I've got a bunch of opened files, some of which I want to put into a  
separate changelist.  They are all the files in one particular  
directory.  The "obvious" way to do this would be to cd to that  
directory and say, "p4 change ...", which has the minor disadvantage  
of being illegal syntax :-(

The only way I can see to do this is to do "p4 change" then manually  
edit the file list to remove the ones I don't want.  This works, but  
is annoying and error-prone (especially if the list if long).  Is  
there a cleaner way, i.e. some way I can create a changelist with a  
filename pattern?

I'm running

Server version: P4D/LINUX26X86/2008.1/160022 (2008/07/23)

Client version: Rev. P4/LINUX24X86/2006.1/106725 (2006/09/07).

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