[p4] Archive Repository on WIN

Paul Smith darktech at black-sphere.co.uk
Mon Nov 10 16:06:24 PST 2008

Hi Todd,

> If I run the checkpoint, recover the checkpoint and run p4 verify on
> production all passes.  When I untar the repository and restore the
> checkpoint like to a test instance I get verify failures (MISSING!!
> tags). 
> Two questions...anything else I should be doing in my backup processes
> to ensure I can recover from a disaster and what compression utilities
> are you using on WIN 2003 Servers to store and move around the
> repository?

Have you tried the Win32 native build of GNU tar, provided by the UnxUtils
project? If not, here's the link:


The only step towards a better fail-safe would be to have a redundant
back-up server, configured with near-real-time journal replication. I don't
really recommended it as it seems overkill, but if you want to read up on
it, you can find Richard Baum's "Demystifying Perforce Backup and Near
Real-time Replication" presentation here:


Hope that helps,


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