[p4] P4V Automatic Resolve, Labeling Changesets?

Robert Cowham robert at vizim.com
Tue Nov 11 03:40:37 PST 2008

> I have some questions I hope someone can answer:
> (we are using Perforce 2008.1)
> Regarding labeling:
> 1) Is there a way to give a name (label, or tag, or whatever 
> they want to call it) to a changelist, instead of a set of files?
> Other tools I am familiar with, for example Vault, can simply 
> take a version (a revision/changelist in perforce) and label 
> it with a name.
> I find it makes it easier for me to track released versions, 
> instead of a large mess of files with tags.
> (Yes, we also use branches for similar purposes, but these 
> are for large projects or large differences, we won't branch 
> for a 2-line bug fix).

Yes, there are what is called dynamic labels, as opposed to static where you
load the label with a specific list of revisions of files.

So you can create a label File > New > Label... And then put a changelist
number in the Revision: field, e.g. @701

> 2) Using P4V, is there a way to display the "labeling" 
> history along with the revision history? It would make it 
> easier to track changes between versions.

For normal labels (static) you can use Revision Graph (right click menu) and
look at the labels tab. Unfortunately, for implementation reasons, dynamic
labels don't show up :(

> 3) Is it possible to label directories, instead of files?

Yes - as above using changelists.

> Regarding resolves:
> 4) Is there a way to get P4V to do trivial resolves 
> immediately and automatically?
> When doing integrations between branches, all files are 
> marked for resolve. Even those files where the resolve is 
> trivial (one version identical to base) or without conflicts. 
> This causes a large list of files to be resolved in P4V, 
> adding an unnecessary extra step (select all files, 
> rightclick, Resolve, choose Automatic, ...).

You can right-click the changelist and Resolve... Which saves a step or two.

Alternatively, a custom tool for this is easy - the commands are "p4 resolve
-as" or "p4 resolve -am".

> 5) A general question: is there a user's forum for Perforce? 
> The mailing list is not search-able.

The list is searchable via the Perforce web search interface - click on
Search Options.


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