[p4] P4V Automatic Resolve, Labeling Changesets?

Mickey Gabel mickey at monfort.co.il
Tue Nov 11 04:37:28 PST 2008

Robert Cowham wrote:
>> 1) Is there a way to give a name (label, or tag, or whatever 
>> they want to call it) to a changelist, instead of a set of files?
>> Other tools I am familiar with, for example Vault, can simply 
>> take a version (a revision/changelist in perforce) and label 
>> it with a name.
>> I find it makes it easier for me to track released versions, 
>> instead of a large mess of files with tags.
>> (Yes, we also use branches for similar purposes, but these 
>> are for large projects or large differences, we won't branch 
>> for a 2-line bug fix).
> Yes, there are what is called dynamic labels, as opposed to static where you
> load the label with a specific list of revisions of files.
> So you can create a label File > New > Label... And then put a changelist
> number in the Revision: field, e.g. @701

Thanks for the help Robert, this is *almost* what I wanted.
If I look at the labels I can now easily find the revision for the 
version by looking at it.

The one thing missing would be to have the actual changelist somehow 
tagged in the P4V History view.
In the history view, I can see all the revisions, including the one I 
used for labeling (say @236). But looking at it and examining it, there 
is no "link back" to the label...

However, this is much better than actively labeling all files. Thanks.

>> 3) Is it possible to label directories, instead of files?
> Yes - as above using changelists.

I am not sure how you mean. Surely you don't mean putting the depot 
directory in the "Revision:" field?
Rephrasing my question: can Perforce track depot directories like it can 
track files in the depot?

Again, thanks for the help.


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