[p4] P4V Automatic Resolve, Labeling Changesets?

Robert Cowham robert at vizim.com
Tue Nov 11 07:39:01 PST 2008

> >> 3) Is it possible to label directories, instead of files?
> > 
> > Yes - as above using changelists.
> > 
> I am not sure how you mean. Surely you don't mean putting the 
> depot directory in the "Revision:" field?
> Rephrasing my question: can Perforce track depot directories 
> like it can track files in the depot?

I should have been clearer - you can label individual directories in a
simple manner.

If you wish to label a directory, say //depot/some/dir then:

- create label with View: //depot/some/dir/...

- enter Revision: @9823

- save label

Result - directory "labelled"!

Limitations - only one Revision per label, thus per directory, so you can't
point at two different directories with two different changelists in the one
label - which may make this not a solution for you...

If you want more control than that, then you have branching!


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