[p4] Changelists are Forever?

James M Nguyen jamesmn at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 11 15:54:41 PST 2008

If I understand your question correctly, yes you can but not the codes themselves. Here's the command line to do so and additional document. Please note that a user is required to be either a P4 admin or super user to use the "-f" option.

p4 change -f changelist#        where changelist# is the submitted P4 changelist number.



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Subject: [p4] Changelists are Forever?

Once submitted, isn't a change list permanent?  This seems to be the case based on my reading of Practical Perforce.  Is there no way to alter a submitted changelist (Note: I'm not asking how to reverse a changelist in a depot, but specifically if a changelist record itself can be altered after submission).
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