[p4] trigger on p4 fix

Liu, Ye YLiu at bgcpartners.com
Wed Nov 12 06:04:55 PST 2008

Hi, Steve

Thanks for your reply. Can you show me more details on in the trigger,
how to get the job status. A little example will be of great help.



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The user can choose the status with the -s flags to either fix or 
submit. However, Perforce triggers are not interactive. They can accept 
or reject the operation and send messages back to the user.


Liu, Ye wrote:
> Dear Perforce Users,
> I am pretty new of perforce triggers and I want to achieve this by p4
> fix trigger: when user uses p4 fix to associate changelists with a
> he can choose the job status. I want to enforce a constraint that the
> job status is only changed to "pending" (for review). I am thinking to
> use trigger to achieve that. Please give me your suggestions.
> Thanks,
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