[p4] Need to find most recent changelist for a given clientspec

Shehadeh, Karim Karim.Shehadeh at verint.com
Wed Nov 12 07:39:27 PST 2008

What I would like to do is use the file mapping described in a
clientspec to deterimine what the most recent changelist *for that set
of files* is.  So, for example if I have a clientspec I've created for
my build serve: AUTOBUILD1.  It contains a mapping that looks like this:





So I want to get the most recent changelist for any files contained
within those two folders and irrespective of who submitted those


I know I can do something like this using p4 changes and passing in each
folder path but what I really want to do is use a single command that
takes clientspec and spits out a changelist number.  


Is this possible?   I should add that I would like to be able to do this
using the command-line tool only although I can parse the output.






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