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The lines and symbols in the revision graph have meaning that tells you
this info. See the Legend tab for the explanation. Also, if you look at the
information for the revision, you will see an "action" field that clarifies
the nature of the integration resolve. The details of the meaning of
actions is in the Perforce KB, but I don't have the reference at hand.


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I work in an environment where large numbers of binary files are
frequently integrated between different branches by different people,
and I've come across a stumbling block in tracing what happened and


Recently I was looking at a file in the revision graph in P4V and found
that the file was ignored in a specific integrate, however, in both
P4Win & P4V if I looked at the file history or the changelist
description I can find no mention of this and can't see any easy way to
determine if a file was in fact changed without resorting to diffing a
binary file?


Both clients report that the file was either branched or integrated,
which is a little disconcerting, is this what I should expect to see?


Have I missed something in the GUI clients, or is there a p4 command
that I can run that will give me better information than what I'm
getting from the GUIs?


Many thanks,




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