[p4] Guidelines for codelines?

Chris Helck Chris.Helck at us.icap.com
Mon Nov 17 12:58:26 PST 2008

We are following the standard development, main, release model and I'm
trying to create guidelines for our developers to help them figure out
which codeline they should work on. My question is when can work be done
directly on the main line? It seems to me the logic goes something like

1. If the change is for a specific release and the release codeline
exists then the change goes on the release codeline.
2. If the change is an experiment, a large open ended change, or for an
unscheduled release then it goes on a development codeline.
3. Everything else can go on the main.

This isn't very crisp and it's bound to be confusing. Can someone
suggest a clearer statement?

Also, I understand some people use the main only for integrations.
When/why is this recommended?

C. Helck

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