[p4] Guidelines for codelines?

Gabor Maghera gmaghera at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 13:59:46 PST 2008

My understanding of the classic mainline model is the following.

1.  High-risk changes go into a development codeline.
2.  All other changes go into main, with one exception, stabilization
changes during the near-release-phase (after all desired features and
fucntionality had been added).
3.  When nearing a release, you would branch a release codeline from
main.  You would only put changes which stabilize the codeline into
it, such as fixes to bugs which QA has found in a previous build.  The
release codeline would not receive any changes which introduce new
features or functionality (and have the potential of introducing

As far as communicating it to the developers, I would establish and
publish a codeline policy, outlining what changes can go inside it
(main does not neccesarily need one).  The developer will likely have
a good idea which project they are submitting the change to, which
then could be translated to a codeline using your policy document.

There are shops  where the classic mainline model does not work
(typically larger companies, maintaining multiple versions of a
product).  In such places developers are not allowed to submit into
main.  The only changes to main are done via integrations from other
codelines.  This would call for a different approach when deciding
where to check changes into, and it blurs the difference between
release and development codelines somewhat.

I would recommend first deciding on the mainline pattern which fits
your environment best.  Your pattern choice is strongly linked to the
policies used when submitting changes.

Here is a page which outlines a few variants of the mainline pattern:


On Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 12:58 PM, Chris Helck <Chris.Helck at us.icap.com> wrote:
> We are following the standard development, main, release model and I'm
> trying to create guidelines for our developers to help them figure out
> which codeline they should work on. My question is when can work be done
> directly on the main line? It seems to me the logic goes something like
> this:
> 1. If the change is for a specific release and the release codeline
> exists then the change goes on the release codeline.
> 2. If the change is an experiment, a large open ended change, or for an
> unscheduled release then it goes on a development codeline.
> 3. Everything else can go on the main.
> This isn't very crisp and it's bound to be confusing. Can someone
> suggest a clearer statement?
> Also, I understand some people use the main only for integrations.
> When/why is this recommended?
> Thanks,
> C. Helck
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