[p4] Ignore WIN case sensitive drive character in "p4 dirs"

Sheizaf, Yariv yariv.sheizaf at sap.com
Tue Nov 18 06:42:27 PST 2008

Hi Robert,

It looks like a good idea, but in my (sad) case it does not help.
Reason: My client spec "root:" value is "null", and the drive character
is defined hardcoded in the "View" filed.

"View" field line example:

And here, if I am in "D:", the "p4 dirs" fails.


Yariv Sheizaf

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Use a client spec AltRoot?? 

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> Hi,
> Let's say I have a folder DOS path, for example: 
> C:\workdir\mydepot\abc\xyz
> Where C:\workdir is my Perforce Client root folder.
> The expected output of "p4 dirs C:\workdir\mydepot\abc\xyz"
> Is:   //mydepot/abc/xyz
> But, if in the "cmd" window (yes, the old DOS) the drive 
> character is "c:" instead of "C:", Then the output of "p4 
> dirs" is "files not in client view" (because the client view 
> knows only C:, not c: ).
> How can I solve it (without using Perl, Bash, etc. - using 
> pure & poor DOS)?
> Option 1:  Translate "c:" to "C:" ?
> Option 2:  Use an "ignore case sensitivity" argument for "p4 dirs"?

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