[p4] Problem with read-only Description field in jobspec. P4Win only?

Rolph, Kevin Kevin.Rolph at mediatek.com
Wed Nov 19 02:33:20 PST 2008

We are in the middle of integrating a tracking system to our established
P4.  That, as such, isn't the topic of this question, but one of the
things we've done as part of this integration is to set the Description
field to read-only (i.e. 'once') in the job spec. This is because this
field is provided solely by the tracking system.  This seems to be
producing some bizarre side-effects.

Some, *but not all* jobs, are refusing to be edited in P4Win.  When
making an edit to other fields on the form and pressing Update the
following error message results:

"Error in job specification.
 Description is read-only and can't be changed from '<the original
description text> "

Clearly the description hasn't been changed because it's greyed out on
the form and no attempt has been made to edit it.

This doesn't seem to be a problem in P4V.  Unfortunately, as a body we
standardized on P4Win years ago (this may have to change but that's not
going to be easy, quick, or without trauma for 50 engineers.  Lets not
debate that aspect here please :)

Making the one-word change in the jobspec, changing Description from
'once' to 'required', makes the problem go away (as you would expect). 

Q1. Has anyone seen anything at all similar to this? 

Q2. Is a read-only Description (magic field 105) so alien to P4 it's
liable to cause issues in all sorts of places?

Initial suggestion from Perforce support was to upgrade to the latest
version of p4win, 2008.1, which I've done to no avail.


Cambridge, UK

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