[p4] Problem with read-only Description field in jobspec. P4Win only?

Robert Cowham robert at vizim.com
Wed Nov 19 03:10:45 PST 2008

I have seen issues around this sort of thing in the past due to whitespace
(leading/trailing/double/blank lines) etc.

I remember P4V being more of a problem in this area in the past.

I suggest you make it read-only via a trigger rather than the once keyword,
which gives you some flexibility in parsing and checking if people really
have changed it or not.


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> jobspec. P4Win only?
> We are in the middle of integrating a tracking system to our 
> established P4.  That, as such, isn't the topic of this 
> question, but one of the things we've done as part of this 
> integration is to set the Description field to read-only 
> (i.e. 'once') in the job spec. This is because this field is 
> provided solely by the tracking system.  This seems to be 
> producing some bizarre side-effects.
> Some, *but not all* jobs, are refusing to be edited in P4Win. 
>  When making an edit to other fields on the form and pressing 
> Update the following error message results:
> "Error in job specification.
>  Description is read-only and can't be changed from '<the 
> original description text> "
> Clearly the description hasn't been changed because it's 
> greyed out on the form and no attempt has been made to edit it.
> This doesn't seem to be a problem in P4V.  Unfortunately, as 
> a body we standardized on P4Win years ago (this may have to 
> change but that's not going to be easy, quick, or without 
> trauma for 50 engineers.  Lets not debate that aspect here please :)
> Making the one-word change in the jobspec, changing 
> Description from 'once' to 'required', makes the problem go 
> away (as you would expect). 
> Q1. Has anyone seen anything at all similar to this? 
> Q2. Is a read-only Description (magic field 105) so alien to 
> P4 it's liable to cause issues in all sorts of places?
> Initial suggestion from Perforce support was to upgrade to 
> the latest version of p4win, 2008.1, which I've done to no avail.

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