[p4] Fwd: Unable to uninstall p4win 2008.1

Paul Smith darktech at black-sphere.co.uk
Wed Nov 19 14:46:24 PST 2008

> Support didn't say anything - I don't have a support contract - I'm a
> single
> developer using their "free for < 2 devs and < 5 workstations" license.
> Looks like the issue is no longer an issue for me, but it sure hasn't
> me any more confident in perforce. :-(  Has anyone else had trouble
> uninstalling 2008.1 from a vista/server 2008 machine?

I don't have a support contract either, but Perforce technical support have
helped me before. In your case it looks like you may have found a bug in
the installer, and if you don't raise a support call with them, then they
may never know.

On another note, yes I've had problems with Vista installers before
(although not related to Perforce). My problems were related to the way
that UAC makes mirrors of what it thinks are protected files, to stop them
getting damaged by rouge applications. Kinda like chroot but done in an
obscure Microsoft way.

I'm trusting Perforce with all of my work, and I wouldn't have it any other

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