[p4] Codelines and Components

David Ferguson daf at vmware.com
Thu Nov 20 13:08:53 PST 2008

Well, when you've got, say, 30 'componenty' things which, when fully populated, result in 1.6G of code, where everything has been branched for every release for the past 5 years, and you go back and figure out that on average, each branch only touched 3 of those componenty things, things don't look so simple.  Again, it really comes down to how much stuff you're playing with and what's the likelihood that it will grow into a problem.
I'm also a big fan of, providing you're really treating these things as independent modules with external interfaces, treating them as having separate release schedules.


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> > My objection to the //depot/main/component is fundamentally one of 
> > branching expectations.  That policy tends to drive people toward 
> > branching all components every time any of them branch.
> Is that a problem?  I always branch the whole project.  My 
> understanding is that the copy-on-write semantics make 
> branching very low cost, so why not branch it all?  It sure 
> beats branching just one component and then discovering later 
> that you really needed to branch some other component and 
> have to go back and branch it too, etc
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