[p4] Codelines and Components

Jeff A. Bowles jab at pobox.com
Thu Nov 20 13:22:25 PST 2008

Sure.  The only hitch is, you live or die based on the quality of the
unit-tests of each component.

If you are in a company with a strong culture of very formal API interfaces
between components, strict unit-testing of each method in those components,
and some sort of "I'm the wrong version of the component to load with
version 2.1 of this other component" support at run-time...

.... then it works well. Really well. Practically wonderfully.

Only you know if you have that sort of culture.

(If you don't, however, then the "separate component" models develop very
nicely until they (often) fall apart when deployed to the QA group or,
worse, in the customer's hands.)

  -Jeff Bowles

On Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 11:52 AM, David Ferguson <daf at vmware.com> wrote:

> An individual release schedule for each component promotes cleaner
> interfaces and abstraction.  When all components branch together, the
> seduction of simplistic integrations is pretty successful.  Using
> independent chunks of code helps isolate a component and ensure formally
> defined interfaces since they never know who is going to consume them when.

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