[p4] Need help to debug this simple trigger

Dan Wierenga dwierenga at valueclick.com
Fri Nov 21 10:35:34 PST 2008


> I just want to print the output of "p4 describe -s $change_num" when i
> something, but it keeps showing me nothing. but if i change that line
> to "p4 info" it show the output
> @change_info=`$P4 describe -s $change_num`;
> #If i replace the line above with this line, i got the output
> #@change_info=`$P4 info`;
> print "@change_info";
> exit 1;

My guess would be that your changelist is invalid and it's spewing "no
such changelist" to STDERR, which does not get captured by backticks.
Then STDOUT returns nothing, which results in an empty @change_info.  P4
info, on the other hand, always returns something to STDOUT.

@change_info = `$P4 describe -s $change_num 2> /tmp/trigger.stderr`;

And then examine the contents of /tmp/trigger.stderr.


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