[p4] Ignoring new files

Roy Smith smith_roy at emc.com
Sat Nov 22 18:23:06 PST 2008

I've got a release branch, for which the policy states that:

1) Only critical bug fixes will be made on this branch.

2) All changes to this branch must be integrated back to main.

I can do the integration with "p4 integ -rb smarts-dmt-rel-9.0", but  
there's one hitch.  We've got a couple of branch-specific files on the  
9.0 branch that we *don't* want on main.

/korz:smarts$ p4 integ -rb smarts-dmt-rel-9.0
//depot/smarts/main/happy-birthday.jpg#1 - branch/sync from //depot/ 
//depot/smarts/main/rp-doc.txt#1 - branch/sync from //depot/smarts/dmt/ 

The first one is a photograph of the branch's birthday cake from the  
release party we had :-)  The second is a set of running release  
notes.  Neither of these exist on main (and I want to keep it that  
way).  How can I do that?

Normally, if there was a change I didn't want to integrate, I would do  
a "resolve -ay", followed by a submit, and it would be marked as  
integrated.  That doesn't work with a new file.  It looks like the  
only thing that will work is to integrate and submit the files, then  
"p4 delete" them on main, and submit that.  Is that really what I need  
to do?

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