[p4] Ignoring new files

Dave Lewis dlewis78731 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 22 20:19:11 PST 2008

I believe you can add exclusion lines to the branch spec.

On Sat, Nov 22, 2008 at 8:23 PM, Roy Smith <smith_roy at emc.com> wrote:

> I've got a release branch, for which the policy states that:
> 1) Only critical bug fixes will be made on this branch.
> 2) All changes to this branch must be integrated back to main.
> I can do the integration with "p4 integ -rb smarts-dmt-rel-9.0", but
> there's one hitch.  We've got a couple of branch-specific files on the
> 9.0 branch that we *don't* want on main.
> /korz:smarts$ p4 integ -rb smarts-dmt-rel-9.0
> //depot/smarts/main/happy-birthday.jpg#1 - branch/sync from //depot/
> smarts/dmt/rel/9.0/happy-birthday.jpg#1
> //depot/smarts/main/rp-doc.txt#1 - branch/sync from //depot/smarts/dmt/
> rel/9.0/rp-doc.txt#1,#11
> The first one is a photograph of the branch's birthday cake from the
> release party we had :-)  The second is a set of running release
> notes.  Neither of these exist on main (and I want to keep it that
> way).  How can I do that?
> Normally, if there was a change I didn't want to integrate, I would do
> a "resolve -ay", followed by a submit, and it would be marked as
> integrated.  That doesn't work with a new file.  It looks like the
> only thing that will work is to integrate and submit the files, then
> "p4 delete" them on main, and submit that.  Is that really what I need
> to do?
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