[p4] processing server data using tags

Liu, Ye YLiu at bgcpartners.com
Mon Nov 24 12:47:03 PST 2008

Dear Perforce Users,


I am trying to use perforce C++ API to process server output.


Here is my program: p4api.cc


int main( int argc, char **argv )


      ClientUser ui;

      ClientApi client;

      StrBuf msg;

      Error e;

      StrPtr* pChange=NULL;


      // Any special protocol mods


      client.SetProtocol("tag", "");


      // Connect to server


      client.Init( &e );


      if( e.Test() )


          e.Fmt( &msg );

          fprintf( stderr, "%s\n", msg.Text() );

          return 1;



      // Run the command "argv[1] argv[2...]"


      client.SetArgv( argc - 2, argv + 2 );

      client.RunTag( argv[1], &ui );

      // pChange is always NULL


      printf("%s", pChange->Value());


// Close connection


      client.Final( &e );


      if( e.Test() )


          e.Fmt( &msg );

          fprintf( stderr, "%s\n", msg.Text() );

          return 1;



      return 0;



I ran this program using: p4api.exe changelist -o 33 and got core dump
because pChange is NULL. But I can run this command: p4 -Ztag change -o
33 and get output as:

... Change 33

... Date 2008/11/21 16:38:02

... Client yliu_esnydev143a_1666

... User yliu

... Status pending

... Description modify test form-commit


... Jobs0 testjob3


I think the way I get the tag data is not correct. Can someone take a
look at my program and show me what is the right to get tag data?





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