[p4] Files locked by a submited changelist...so unlockable

Stephen Vance steve at vance.com
Tue Nov 25 06:14:02 PST 2008

How are you determining they are locked?

There are two types of explicit locking in Perforce and a couple of 
things that can look like locks from the right point of view.

Locking to prevent checkin is the type used when submissions which can 
be manipulated through the lock/unlock commands. I assume you've tried 
'p4 unlock' on the file.

Exclusive open is accomplished through the +l file type modifier. If 
someone has the file checked out, there's nothing you can do to remove 
the lock but revert the checked out file.

The other related things that can look like locks are implemented 
through view mappings and triggers. An exclusionary view mapping in the 
protection table can prevent manipulation of a file. An exclusionary 
mapping in a client spec can prevent checkout and syncing. An 
exclusionary mapping in a branch spec can prevent integration. Triggers 
can also fail a submission through the submit-* or change form in trigger.

If none of this addresses your issue and it's really a stuck lock, you 
need to contact support.


Loïc Dalbègue wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a user who had locked some file in a changelist. He has submited this
> changelist, and after that the files are marked on the server as locked by
> him (user at client) and it's impossible to unlock them.
> Can somebody help us please ?
> Thx.
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Stephen Vance

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