[p4] Need help in checking out files through command line.

Adil Karampurwala adilk at cybage.com
Thu Nov 27 05:15:59 PST 2008


         Output of "p4 info"

F:\Test>p4 info

User name: adilk

Client name: adilk

Client host: adilk

Client root: E:\Cybage\Perforce\Test_ws

Current directory: f:\Test

Client address:

Server address: localhost:1666

Server root: C:\Program Files\Perforce

Server date: 2008/11/27 18:39:30 +0530 India Standard Time

Server uptime: 32:18:58

Server version: P4D/NTX86/2008.1/168182 (2008/10/10)

Server license: none


My workstation is 
" E:\Perforce\Test_ws"


 I want to check out file in the "F:\Test" directory. I ran 

"F:\Test>p4 sync -f //depot/..."


And output was

//depot/Test/Perforce measurements.xls#2 - refreshing
E:\Cybage\Perforce\Test_ws\Test\Perforce measurements.xls



But file was not checked out in that directory.


Plz help me checking out the file.



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