[p4] Query related to different selections automatically

Srividya Kamakshi srividya at kyocera-wireless.com
Thu Nov 27 22:55:48 PST 2008

Hello Team,
We are facing issues if we want to select list of different directories
using different selectors ( labels). In ClearCase it is very much
possible using config spec.
I can write the config rule line by line for different directories or
folders using different labels.. i can see in my view the folders from
different directories using different versions selectors and config spec
/src --> LABEL1
/doc --> can be from a particular branch
/html--> Label2 
I am expecting a similar feature in Perforce. The last option is to
manually sync the files using different label or giving full path.
But in the client spec can we write some rules to make sure this is
picked up automatically...
Let me know if there is any work around


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