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Fri Nov 28 00:01:13 PST 2008

[Realizing this was ending up in the archives, I figured it would be good to
clean up a couple of those pathnames.  -jab]

On Thu, Nov 27, 2008 at 11:59 PM, Jeff A. Bowles <jab at pobox.com> wrote:

> You are seeing one place that is simply a difference between ClearCase
> config specs do, and what Perforce does.
> It is not that one is better, the other is worse, but that the tools offer
> slightly different ways to view the problem.
> One way I've seen to deal with this, is to start with the big-picture
> notion:
>    "I want to have my developers build /src --> LABEL1, /doc --> a
> specific directory,  /html--> Label2"
> and realize that this is not absolutely foreign to Perforce.  It doesn't
> get solved in the workspace specs, but it can be dealt with.
> In short, and you'll want to read in Laura Wingerd's book about this sort
> of approach, you'd have a tree that developers worked in. Since branches are
> (somewhat) inexpensive in Perforce, you might have
>    - //depot/developerArea/projectA/src/...   (integrated from
>    //depot/src/... at LABEL1)
>    - //depot/developerArea/projectA/doc/...   (integrated from
>    //depot/docs/... at 2008/10/01, as an example)
>    - //depot/developerArea/projectA/html/...   (integrated from
>    //depot/html/... at Label2)
> The basic, meat-and-potatoes developer, is going to map
> in //depot/developerArea/..., build from it, etc.
> The basic build engineer will, from time-to-time, repopulate parts
> of //depot/developerArea/projectA/... with updates from the upstream
> projects.
> You have to consider how you make changes to the input components: does a
> projectA developer update the things in //depot/src or in projectA/src or
> just tap on another developer to do it? (There are a million variations of
> this question.)
> Advantages:
>    1. The developers on ProjectA are absolutely isolated from the world
>    for as long as they want; the world is isolated from the ranks of ProjectA
>    for as long as you want. (Read: your own playpen.)
>    2. It is a Perforce "primitive" that you can retrieve the tree, //depot/developerArea/...,
>    as of any moment. That means that you can recreate the projectA development
>    environment, including the subcomponents and tests in vogue at that moment,
>    for last Saturday. For your brother's 23rd birthday. Any time.
> Disadvantages:
>    1. Yes, it means that someone needs to understand integrations and the
>    merge tool. (Life's like that.)
> It isn't quite as spiffy-neato as ClearCase for this specific feature, but
> there's a well-defined way to get around it -- and get some nice things back
> in the bargain. So, try that for a while.
> And get Laura's book.
>  -Jeff Bowles
> On Thu, Nov 27, 2008 at 10:55 PM, Srividya Kamakshi <
> srividya at kyocera-wireless.com> wrote:
>> Hello Team,
>> We are facing issues if we want to select list of different directories
>> using different selectors ( labels). In ClearCase it is very much
>> possible using config spec.
>> I can write the config rule line by line for different directories or
>> folders using different labels.. i can see in my view the folders from
>> different directories using different versions selectors and config spec
>> allows.
>> /src --> LABEL1
>> /doc --> can be from a particular branch
>> /html--> Label2
>> I am expecting a similar feature in Perforce. The last option is to
>> manually sync the files using different label or giving full path.
>> But in the client spec can we write some rules to make sure this is
>> picked up automatically...
>> Let me know if there is any work around
>> Sri
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