[p4] Need help in checking out files through command line. (OT Slightly)

Stephen Vance steve at vance.com
Sat Nov 29 06:12:25 PST 2008

You are right that the typical case of branching could probably be done 
without a client. However, Perforce's branch mechanism is more general 
than that limited use case. You can open an integrated file for edit 
before you submit it to make changes appropriate for the target branch, 
which would require a workspace. Besides, you do have something to check 
in. The integration operations that comprise creating a branch need a 

Part of what it comes down to, though, is that different systems do 
things differently. If you think this is strange, I guarantee I can find 
some much stranger behaviors and requirements in some other systems.

As for labels, the 'p4 label' command doesn't require a client because 
you're just creating a form. If you use an automatic label with the 
Revisions field, you never need a client. If you want to use 'p4 
labelsync' to associate the revisions with the label you need a client 
because its behavior intersects the affected file list with the client 
view. An alternative that addresses this issue is to use 'p4 tag' which 
creates the label spec and tags the files without intersecting with the 
client view.


Listman wrote:
> On Nov 27, 2008, at 7:17 PM- Nov 27, 2008, Stephen Vance wrote:
>> Branching isn't tag based and the branch has to be submitted in a 
>> changelist, so it requires a client. The use of a chagelist of of 
>> local files are the two factors that require a client.
> That still sounds strange to me. I'm copying some part of my trunk to 
> a new branch location in the depot. I've nothing to checkin, nothing 
> to merge, I have no dependencies on my local workspace - It seems to 
> me that i should be able to do this without a client.
> What about labels, do these also need a client?

Stephen Vance

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