[p4] p4v changing the console?

Tony Sweeney sweeney at addr.com
Sat Nov 29 09:30:30 PST 2008

Mark Tigges wrote:
> When you "open console here" in p4v it very unfortunately uses
> kconsole.  I couldn't find a way to change this through the gui.  Even
> grep'ing through ~/.p4v didn't yield any results, so I suspect it's
> hard coded, but I thought I would ask regardless.  Anybody know how to
> change it?
I get a uxterm rather than my default gnome-terminal on Ubuntu, so it's 
certainly not hardwired to konsole.  I don't even have kconsole on this 
box.  The 32-bit Linux p4v.bin contains the strings "konsole", 
"gnome-terminal", "uxterm" and "dtterm", so presumably it will try those 
in some order or other.

> Mark.
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