[p4] p4v changing the console?

Tony Sweeney sweeney at addr.com
Sat Nov 29 11:32:34 PST 2008

Mark Tigges wrote:
> When you "open console here" in p4v it very unfortunately uses
> kconsole.  I couldn't find a way to change this through the gui.  Even
> grep'ing through ~/.p4v didn't yield any results, so I suspect it's
> hard coded, but I thought I would ask regardless.  Anybody know how to
> change it?
Just to follow up, I ran it using strace to see the system calls, and it 
looked for konsole everywhere on my path (using lstat()), then for 
uxterm, and once it found it, forked the terminal window.  I'm guessing 
if I installed konsole, I would get that instead (I don't want to try it 
because it would pull in a big chunk of kde, and this little netbook is 
space-constrained).  If you don't like the behaviour, I suggest you log 
it as a bug with support at perforce.com .

> Mark.
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