[p4] view code from multiple branches

rickmacd at shaw.ca rickmacd at shaw.ca
Mon Aug 3 20:04:04 PDT 2009

I think this idea breaks down quite easily. For example, consider if you 
modify file "A" in your private branch and somebody updates file "A" and 
file "B" in main with dependent changes such that the changes to file A 
and B in main are needed together. You're saying you want only the file  B
change from main in your workspace because  you've changed file A in  your
branch. Your file A with his file B is not going to be correct.  Then
what? Assuming the policy of the main branch is that everything is  tested
and correct, the programmer might waste time thinking he made a  mistake
in his branch.

I do one of two things depending on the nature of the code and the 
changes in the private branch and how long the private branch task takes 
to complete. Either I completely finish the private task branch before 
integrating "down" from main, or I constantly merge in changes from main 
as I go along. Or, something between these two extremes such as "points 
of completion" in the private branch (where I'm not done the whole task, 
but things are in a good state and everything done so far is working

It seems to me that what you are wanting to do is much harder than 
integrating from main, and your only motivation seems to be to protect 
people from integrating.


Kamlesh Mutha wrote:
> Just to clarify, let me correct the typo first:
> My requirement is:
> 1. I have a branch //depot/main/...
> 2. I fork off a new branch //depot/itr/... from //depot/main
> 3. I want to have a workspace in which I should be able to see following
>     a. All files modified on //depot/itr branch
>     b. For a file which is not modified on //depot/itr/..., the latest
> revision from //depot/main/... branch.
> Why is it needed ?
> /itr branch is a private branch and developer is working on some
development. While he is working on private branch and main branch is
changing (for the planned development). The developer should be able to
see those changes in a workspace along with his own changes to ensure
that both changes together still build/function fine. Intention is to
avoid major surprise just after integrating private branch in main.
> I know, perforce recommends that you keep on rebasing your private
branch by integrating changes from main to private but that involves
"integration" and people sometimes find it pretty difficult. Hence I
wanted to check if this can be handled through some special purpose
> Thanks and Regards,
> Kamlesh

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