[p4] ANN: Perforce plugin for CodeGear Delphi

Jaimy Azle jazlee at gmail.com
Mon Aug 3 20:33:36 PDT 2009

Perforce plugin for CodeGear Delphi is a Delphi expert/plugin which
attempt to integrate Perforce version control client with CodeGear
Delphi IDE. This project was originally based from Perforce plugin for
Delphi which was written by Chris Fairall.

  * Check in/check out
  * Reverting changes
  * Lock/unlock
  * Show differences against current revision
  * Show differences against head revision

Supported IDE
  * Delphi 6
  * Delphi 7
  * Delphi 2007
  * Delphi 2009

  * Perforce Visual Client (P4V)

How to install the plugin:
- Download and install Perforce Visual Client (P4V) from http://www.perforce.com
- Build and install the appropriate .dpk/.dproj in your Delphi IDE

Project homepage and download:



-Jaimy Azle

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