[p4] Performance impact of "large" clients

Anders Kjærgaard Hansen ANH at etiglobal.net
Wed Aug 5 23:03:23 PDT 2009


We are currently doing some housekeeping and cleanup in our Perforce user database, and old unused clients.

We came to discuss what impact large clients have on both the perforce server, but also our storage.

We have several users who was clients with views as //depot/... //client/...

What are the impacts of these "global" clients?

Do p4, p4v, p4win e.g. fstat all files in a client each time you open it in the application?

We are especially interested in hearing opinions on whether we should allow these clients or not.

We have tools supporting creation and use of correct product scoped clients.

I hope some of you have some valuable input

Sorry if I'm reposting this, my first mail didn't show up so I am retrying.

Best regards

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