[p4] P4 authentication problem

Hanen Ben Rhouma hanen105 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 6 08:15:26 PDT 2009

Hello there,

Please I have an intriguing question which is really taking a huge part of
my time now but I'm sure it's quite easy to answer for those working for
perforce development:

I am trying to authentify into perforce as a user through a web interface:
It's an html form which passes the username and password as parameters to
the jsp page which passes those parameters to the
*com.perforce.api.Env()*object to initiate it with the rest of
parameters stored into

This authentication scenario should verify that those credentials belong to
a registered user on the server, I've searched for this method in the p4 api
but didnt find anyone that can make this verification, besides I don't think
that wrapping the
*$p4 login *
*into a java method can solve the problem given that it doesn't ask for a
username and on the opposite

 *$p4 login <username>*

authentify me directly without asking for password (whenever i insert the
right username of course).

So, there's something either lacking which I need to implement or right
there but I'm still not seeing it.

Please, I'm turning crazy for this issue so any feedback would be much

Thanks in advance,

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