[p4] FW: Finding of DEPOT field using P4 Report Tool.

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Any inputs here?

Amol A. Kale

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Subject: [p4] Finding of DEPOT field using P4 Report Tool.

            We are using P4 Report tool to fetch information from P4 by generating reports.
            I have read the User Guide for P4 Report as well.

            My problem is when I try to query something, by default, it queries each and every depot that
            I have access to on my P4 server. Moreover, I did not find any specific field containing DEPOT
            related information in all of the P4 Table schemas. Only what I could find is fields like FILESPEC
            which contains the depot name in them. But then the queries that I am firing fetch this field value
            as NULL (I tried to do a select all from CHANGES schema which contain FILESPEC field).

            Can someone please let me know whether there is a field / related information of DEPOT
            available in the entire spectrum of P4 Table schemas? If yes, please help me with the details
            of its usage.

Amol A. Kale

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