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Rainey, Mark (Cleveland) Mark_Rainey at intuit.com
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Yeah I have been added.  It is not a good workaround when you have
hundreds of files like that.  Another side affect is when your branch
spec gets large enough I have random developers who get the "Excessive
combination of wildcard ... in path and maps." Error.

Mark Rainey
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Mark --

You may want to e-mail support to add your voice to the request for 
resolvable deletes. The problem you're having is that there is no way to

accept your/theirs for adds or deletes. The Perforce recommendation is 
to modify the branch spec to include/exclude these things, but there are

many of us who feel that's a bit of an inconvenient hack that doesn't 
scale to large development organizations with developers of varying 
skill levels.


Rainey, Mark (Cleveland) wrote:
> I am running the preview for integrations to figure out who hasn't
> integrated their work from one branch to another.  There are cases
> an integrate should not happen but I still want the changes off of the
> preview.  For example I am previewing the integration from //branch1
> //branch2.  I delete 3 files on //branch1 but those 3 files should
> on //branch2.  When I run the preview they show up as needing to be
> integrated.  Usually if the file exist on both branches I resolve and
> say accept yours/target which effectively ignores the merge but
> the merge record.  But when files are added or deleted you can't
> resolve.  So how do I get them off of the preview?
> My only thought would be to go ahead with the add or delete on
> and then go on branch2 and back out/rollback that change.  Just
> wondering if there is a better solution (and doesn't include putting
> specific files in the branch spec).
> Thank you,
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