[p4] Is there a way to audit a workspace?

Matt Janulewicz matt.janulewicz at lucasfilm.com
Mon Aug 17 17:46:24 PDT 2009

I'd like to add my voice to what Stephen says. It's much easier to get 
to the cause of the distrust and re-educate people, than to try to audit 
something that essentially shouldn't need auditing. There are too many 
things that can happen in a workspace to cover all your bases. Some 
people might have those types of changes down to a science but I always 
feel like it's better to use the tool to do all the work than to wrap a 
bunch of stuff around it to allay some false fears. More rubberbands and 
gum stuck to the process allows more opportunity for failure.

We had a similar 'thing' going on with a group's build process. They 
wanted to check certain assets in after a successful build, but others 
were being left behind in a changed state. They were not always sure 
which assets would change during the course of a build (could be one 
file, could be 100.) Since we were talking about potentially big files 
we also didn't want to check in 100 MB of binaries if only 1 MB of them 

In this case a simple change to the workspace (switching the Submit 
options to 'revert unchanged') helped a lot. The potential build assets 
that needed checking in were easy to isolate and (eventually) known to 
the system (no need to add new files that popped up), so the build 
process checks out the entire directory, does it's business, then 
submits. The workspace takes care of reverting files that are not 
changed and keeping the workspace in a sane state.

So, really try to get to the core of the problem and then leverage the 
tools you already have to support the process.


Stephen Vance wrote:
> What makes them distrust 'p4 sync'? It sounds like an unaddressed root
> cause or FUD masquerading as wisdom. You're right to want to verify
> correctness rather than assume incorrectness and use explosives.
> Steve
> Roy Smith wrote:
> > We have a very large workspace where we keep our entire build
> > toolchain (compilers, tools like perl and python, libraries, etc). 
> > Our build team wants to run "p4 sync -f" every day because they don't
> > trust "p4 sync" (without the -f) to keep it up to date.  I'm trying to
> > convince them that this is silly.  It's certainly very expensive, as
> > it takes several hours to complete.  Worse, the act of doing a "sync
> > -f" touches the files on disk, so any build that's currently running
> > can be impacted as files change out from underneath it.
> >
> > Is there some way to have p4 audit the files on disk and confirm that
> > what's there is what's supposed to be there, without actually deleting
> > and re-creating every file?
> >
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