[p4] Obtain a clean workspace [Re: Is there a way to audit a workspace?]

Paul-Marc Bougharios paulmarc.bougharios at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 09:55:38 PDT 2009

Another way of having a "clean" workspace is to delete and recreate it from
Perforce side only.
It can be done by doing:
p4 have > have.log
p4 client -o > client.log
p4 client -d
p4 client -i < client.log
p4 -x have.log flush

If there is a portion not needed, one would "un-sync" the path concerned
before executing the above commands.
As a reminder, "un-syncing" can be done by:
p4 sync //PATH/...#0

Paul-Marc Bougharios

On Tue, Aug 18, 2009 at 6:53 PM, Richard Kistruck <rhsk at ravenbrook.com>wrote:

> (Note change of topic, from auditing an existing workspace, to obtaining a
> new clean one).
> On 2009-08-18Tue, at 04:31, Slava Imeshev wrote:
>> p4 sync -f a bullet-proof way of having a clean build
>>> workspace, which is a good idea for release/QA builds.
>> I should have mentioned that "bullet-proof" implied emptying
>> the build workspace before running p4 sync -f.
> "sync -f" DOES NOT overwrite open files.  If you want to obtain a clean
> workspace, you must revert all open files first, or no amount of syncing
> will help you.
>  <
> http://www.perforce.com/perforce/doc.091/manuals/cmdref/sync.html#1040665>
> (And, even worse, when you have an open file, "p4 sync -f" gives a
> potentially misleading report of "myfile.txt - file(s) up-to-date." -- try
> it!  Your p4 version may differ...)
> To obtain a clean workspace, starting from nothing, one suitable procedure
> is:
>  1.  p4 revert mywork/...
>  2.  rm -rf mywork
>  3.  p4 sync -f mywork/... at NNN
> Discussion: The "revert" is necessary to close any p4-opened files.  You
> probably want to check for them with "p4 opened mywork/..." before blindly
> reverting them all!  For anyone who doesn't speak Unix, the "rm -rf" removes
> the "mywork" directory and everything it contains.
> (One more note: If you are doing this from a script, and relying on it for
> a product that carries your reputation, then you had better also make sure
> your script checks for and halts if there are any errors from the p4
> commands, such as from the network going down!)
> Again: this is the procedure I use, to obtain a small clean workspace from
> scratch; corrections or improvements are welcomed.
> Richard Kistruck
> Ravenbrook Limited
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