[p4] [P4] Remaking a branch.

Ivey, William william_ivey at bmc.com
Fri Aug 21 08:23:53 PDT 2009

When we've had this situation I've just done a thorough integration
between the two branches so that there are no outstanding integrations
to complicated merges in the future. I make the comment for that
change something obvious and short like: "Rebased with MAIN branch"
so it stands out in the history listing.


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Hi there, I have a question regarding "remaking" an existing branch and hope
to get some help.

Let's say I have two branches, where DEV is originally branched from MAIN.

The work done in DEV contains lots of changes but is no longer useful to us.
Basically we want to start DEV all over again as a fresh branch from MAIN,
but without obliterating DEV.
So far, I've deleted DEV by executing 'p4 delete //depot/DEV/...'. Was that
a mistake? What should I do next? I'm thinking of integrating MAIN->DEV

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