[p4] Moving a Perforce server contents to an another existing server

M mkacher at msn.com
Mon Mar 2 08:05:53 PST 2009

It the same procedure. It's quite simple.

The only compliction will be your license file. You'll need to contact
Perforce and explain the situation, and have your licenses from server A
license transferred to the license file on server B.

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We need to move a Perforce server contents in location 'A' to another
Perforce server in location 'B', both are identical in architecture &
text file formats. Location 'B' server is currently fully functional
with many depots. 
Please help me with the procedure/scripts to move location 'A' depots
along with it's history (database) to location 'B' server.

In "Perforce Admin guide" document, only procedure to 'move a p4 server
to new machine' is explained. Is there any link which explains
"migrating a p4 server to another functional p4 server"?


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